Introducing LITMUS [Video]

LITMUS is a 2-year Horizon2020 project at the Irish Traditional Music Archive working to build a linked data ontology to better express what occurs within oral transmission, focusing on Irish traditional music and dance. Watch our introductory video to learn more - in plain language - about LITMUS:

November Update

Many new developments took place during October and November. After attending a workshop on Protégé (a free ontology authoring software) and OWL (Web Ontology Language) in October, Lynnsey has begun work on the higher-level LITMUS ontology. A higher level ontology is one that tries to cover the over-arching aspects of a knowledge domain, such as [...]

LITMUS Research Repository

Keep up with our research progress here at the Linked Irish Traditional Music (LITMUS) project. As the project progresses, all research outputs will be uploaded to our open-access research repository at Zenodo. If versions are updated, all versions of the publication will be made available. The paper "Stories, Songs, Steps, and Tunes: A Linked Data [...]

LITMUS Update: September 2017

Lynnsey Weissenberger gave presentations about LITMUS during two international conferences this month. Both presentations focused on the challenges of constructing the linked data ontology for Irish traditional music and dance, both because of special considerations with the music and due to a lack of complete available resources for description. The first presentation, titled Stories, Songs, [...]